Bicycle Coffee Shop vulnerable customer policy 

Definition of what a vulnerable customer is:

a. Elderly individuals. 

b. Customers with disabilities, including physical, sensory, cognitive, or mental health impairments.

c. Customers experiencing financial hardship or debt-related difficulties.

d. Customers with limited English proficiency or communication barriers.

e. Individuals identified as vulnerable by a recognized authority or social service agency.

What initial and ongoing training that staff receive around Vulnerable Customers:

All staff will have access to FCA guidance.

All staff are trained on customer vulnerability best practice plus ongoing training for all staff.

How a Vulnerable Customer is treated by the retailer.

When we identify a vulnerable customer, we will take steps to understand their individual needs and provide additional levels of support and assistance.

  • Providing clear and easy to understand information.
  • Giving extra time to make decisions.
  • Offering them extra support services
  • Seek confirmation that they understand information provided.
  • Work with others including family or friends to provide support.

Monitoring our performance:

We will review our policy and procedures on a regular basis