Cervelo Aspero

Haul ass not cargo

Cervélo have engineered Áspero for pure, unapologetic speed, ready to take down finish lines, KOMs, and PR’S. A bike built without limits, for the riders looking to test them. It’s stiff – classics-racing stiff – and performs like you’d want a road bike to perform off-road. And this makes total sense, and it’s what Cevélo were trying to do when they were stuffing bigger tires into their existing frames and swapping in aftermarket forks to get a 40mm tire up front.


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The Aspero is an all out, off road, drop bar racer that takes Cervelo’s expertise in speed off of the tarmac and into the dirt. Take gravel events to a new level of seriously fast fun and be prepared to not just take part, but compete.